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Introduction of Various Types of Powder Coatings

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Author : Simon
Update time : 2018-08-08 21:17:00
Introduction of Various Types of Powder Coatings
Type Range of Application  Advantages Effect of Coating Application Example
E series epoxy powder coating Indoor decoration and heavy anticorrosion Excellent mechanical properties and chemical corrosion resistance All kinds of lusterous plane, sand and wrinkles grain ● locomotive parts
● electronic parts
● electrical insulation
● buried pipes
H series epoxy - polyester powder coating Indoor decoration Excellent indoor performance All kinds of lusterous plane, sand, wrinkles, hammer, metal and pearlescent grain, etc ● fitness equipment
● indoor furniture
● household appliances
● mechanical enclosure
P series polyester powder coating Excellent outdoor durability and mechanical properties, PU series has excellent leveling performance ● fitness equipment
● household appliances
● outdoor furniture
● outdoor lighting
U series polyurethane powder coating
PH series building profile special powder coating Building facilities that have been exposed to weather for a long time Excellent outdoor durability ● copper aluminum profile
● highway guardrail
● outdoor architecture
NG series electroplating powder coating Indoor and outdoor decoration This powder coating is the best choice to replace the electroplating process.  High gloss colored transparent plane (double coating process) ● kitchen utensils
● decorative profile
● process products
● coat hangers
● plating replacement
HT series high temperature resistant powder coatings High temperature resisting component Temperature resistance 300-600℃, excellent high temperature resistance and good adhesion after high temperature Semi - gloss and matte surface, sand pattern effect, etc ● exhaust pipe parts
● oven products
● high temperature components
NM series wood grain thermal transfer powder coating Indoor and outdoor components or device Excellent wood grain thermal transfer effect and excellent paper tearing performance Color plane, sand pattern, art effect, etc ● copper aluminum profile
● furniture and supplies
● doors and Windows products
● Aluminum furniture