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Power Coating Common Problem Reason Analysis

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Update time : 2019-11-01 15:12:00
Power Coating Common Problem Reason Analysis & Solution
Problem Reason Analysis Solutions
Poor weather resistance and mechanical properties 1.Bad pretreatment
2.Low furnace temperature or insufficient curing time
3.Poor powder quality
1.Improved pretreatment
2.Adjust curing process
3.Contact suppliers
Coating surface shrinkage & pinhole 1.Compressed air is not clean
2.The powder coating system is contaminated
3.High voltage & too close to the gun will cause powder anti - ionization
4.Bad powder quality
1.Strengthen the treatment of compressed air purification
2.Clean the powder coating system
3.Adjust voltage and gun distance to appropriate range
4.Contact suppliers
Coating surface have seriously variegated colour 1.Bad powder quality
2.The powder coating system is contaminated
3,Drying oven inside have carbides, not clean
1.Contact suppliers                                      2.Clean the powder coating system
3.Stop and clean the oven
Coating surface have serious particles (sand point) 1.Bad powder quality
2.The powder coating system is contaminated                                     3.coating surface thickness Less than 45um.
4.Dusting environment, oven is not clean
1.Clean the powder coating system
2.Contact the supplier
3.Adjust powder coating process
4.Clean the oven and strengthen the management of poawder coating area
Pattern powder coating have small pattern or bad pattern 1.High voltage, high pressure, resulting in separation of powder
2.The heating rate is too slow
3.The workpiece is thick and heavy, and the heat transfer rate is slow
1.Reduce operating voltage and pressure
2.Preheat the oven
3.Preheat and spray the workpiece
The rate of powder coating is lower 1.Powder quality and particle size distribution are not good
2.Improper grounding of workpiece
3.Too much added recycled powder (> 40%)
4.Powder damp, high water content
1.Contact the supplier
2.Clean up hangers and improve workpiece grounding
3.Reduce the amount of recycled powder added to a reasonable level
4.Improve powder storage environment