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Acrylic Acid Powder Coating Series

Item No.: BPC J03
FOB Price:
US $1 - 100 / Piece Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity:
100 Piece/Pieces (it's a oak paper sticked coffee table and end table)
Supply Ability:
40000 Piece/Pieces per Month (it's a oak paper sticked coffee table and end table)
Acrylic Acid Powder Coating Series

Introduction: Polyester Resin and acrylic resin are used as the main material.
Characteristic: Smooth, fine surface, good hand feeling, good adhesive bonding and impact resistance, excellent anti-weathering and anti-yellowing.
Outdoor lamps and lanterns
Outdoor furniture
Aluminum ceiling and profile
Application parameter: Curing time is 10-15 minutes in 200℃.(Actual temperature of work pieces)
Spraying way: High voltage electrostatic spraying 50-80 KV
Suggested layer thickness: 60-80 μm

Physical Properties
Item Instrument Standard Test Standard
Pencil Hardness Pencil hardness instrument ≥H GB/6739
Impact Resistance Impact testing instrument ≥50kg.cm GBT/1732
Flexing Endurance Bending instrument ≤2mm GBT/6742
Adhesive Bonding Cross-cut testing instrument 0 Grade GBT/9286
Bulge Bulge instrument ≥ 6 mm GBT/9753
Chemical Properties
Item Standard Result Test Standard
Resistance to salt spray ≥500 Hs ≥9 Grade GBT/1771
Resistance to heat and humidity ≥1000 Hs Slight loss of gloss GBT/1740
Anti-weathering ability Artificial accelerated aging          QUV-B313 240h ≥3 Grade GBT/1865

Testing Sample Material: 0.8mm de-oil & de-rusting cold-rolled steel sheet, coating layer thickness is 40-80 μm. Performance of powder coating layer will change with brilliance changing