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High Temperature Resistant Powder Coating Series

Item No.: BPC J01
High Temperature Resistant Powder Coating Series

Introduction: It is made of polyester or epoxy and organic silicone resin, which have high temperature resistance.

Advantages: The high temperature resistant powder coatings made of polyester and organic silicone resin has excellent UV aging resistance depending on the specific requirements of high temperature 300℃-600℃
High temperature resistance powder coating above 350℃ cannot be repainted   because of the low polarity and low surface tension characteristics of organic silicone resin. The spraying process should try to improve primary yield, defective products can be painted again after the paint removing, otherwise there will be the problem of falling off between layers.
Motorcycle exhaust pipe
Diesel exhaust pipe
Other high temperature resistant components

Product series: We can provide a variety of sand pattern and part of the plane effect.
Application parameters: Suitable for electrostatic coating or triboelectric coating.
Application condition:  Consolidation conditions standard in 230℃ of work pieces' temperature can finish in 15 minutes.
Recommended layer thickness: 40-80 μm.
Testing sample material: 0.8mm de-oil & de-rusting cold- rolled steel sheet, coating layer thickness is 50-80 μm.

Physical Properties
Item Instrument Standard Test Standard
Pencil Hardness Pencil hardness instrument ≥2H GB/6739-1996
Impact Resistance Impact testing instrument ≥40kg.cm GBT/1732-1993
Flexing Endurance Bending instrument ≤3mm GBT/6742-1986
Adhesive Bonding Cross-cut testing instrument 0 Grade GBT/9286-1998
Chemical Properties
Item Standard Result Test Standard
Resistance to salt spray ≥100 Hs ≥9 Grade GBT/1771-1991
High temperature resistance 300-600(specific temperature as agreed)/1-6 hours (specific time as agreed) No blistering and peeling, allowing slight color changes GB1735-2009