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Metallic Type Powder Coating Series

Item No.: BPC J06
Metallic Type Powder Coating Series

Introduction: Organic powder coatings mixed with metallic pigment such as silver powder, Copper gold powder, pearl powder for indoor and outdoor products.
Advantages: Excellent metal pigment effect, can provide floating gold, silver plating, fine arts, flashing effect. Easy industrial application, stable with continuous coating, good constancy of color. Good anti peeling and scratching, good anti hand print, super hardness of surface, good chemical resistance. Good outdoor durability and good anti fading while oven heating.
Recommend glazing technology of transparent powder coating as protection layer, for high quality and requirement products.
Shop rack
Sanitary ware
Metal support for furniture
sports facility & gym facility
Home appliance
Industrial equipment, hardware, and tools.
Lantern, toys
Product series: we can supply different kinds of the thermosetting series products and all kinds of art textures.
We can supply different gloss, but actual gloss should be designated by users.
A type high gloss (>85%)
B type semi-gloss (60-85%)
C type low gloss (20-60%)
D type matt (<20%)
Application parameter: Suitable for electrostatic spraying, not for friction gun spraying. Set low electrostatic voltage and low powder output according to different metal effects.
Oven heating condition: Up to the organic carrier type.( please read our metallic type powder coatings application instruction carefully before using our products.)
Suggested layer thickness: 40-100 μm

Physical Properties
Item Instrument Standard Test Standard
Pencil Hardness Pencil hardness instrument ≥H GB/6739-1996
Impact Resistance Impact testing instrument ≥50kg.cm GBT/1732-1993
Flexing Endurance Bending instrument ≤3mm GBT/6742-1986
Adhesive Bonding Cross-cut testing instrument 0 Grade GBT/9286-1998
Bulge Bulge instrument ≥ 7 mm GBT/9753-1988
Chemical Properties
Item Standard Result Test Standard
Resistance to salt spray ≥500 Hs ≥9 Grade GBT/1771-1991
Resistance to heat and humidity ≥1000 Hs Slight loss of gloss GBT/1740-1979

Testing sample material: 0.8mm de-oil & de-rusting cold- rolled steel sheet, coating layer thickness is 50-80 μm.