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Polyester/ TGIC Type Powder Coating Series

Item No.: BPC J05
Polyester/ TGIC Type Powder Coating Series

Introduction: Polyester resin and TGIC curing are used as the main material.
Advantages: Good adhesive bonding and excellent mechanical performance, tough coating layer which can meet high strength requirement.
Smooth and flat coating layer .
Good outdoor durability
Excellent function of excessive braking resistance.
Application: Decoration and protection of outdoor products such as lamp, breach chair, solar water heater, outdoor unit of air conditioner, aluminum profile, curtain wall, frame for fittings, ceiling, highway barrier, grating, sports facility and communication equipment, etc.
Product series: we can provide standard or super anti-weathering and anti ultra weathering products.
Specific color and brilliance should be designated by users.
Application parameter: Curing time is 10-15 minutes in 200℃ (Actual temperature of work pieces)
Spraying way: High voltage electrostatic spraying 60-80 KV
Suggested layer thickness: 60-80 μm

Physical Properties
Item Instrument Standard Test Standard
Pencil Hardness Pencil hardness instrument ≥H GB/6739
Impact Resistance Impact testing instrument ≥50kg.cm GBT/1732
Flexing Endurance Bending instrument ≤2mm GBT/6742
Adhesive Bonding Cross-cut testing instrument 0 Grade GBT/9286
Bulge Bulge instrument ≥ 6 mm GBT/9753
Chemical Properties
Item Standard Result Test Standard
Resistance to salt spray ≥500 Hs ≥9 Grade GBT/1771
Resistance to heat and humidity ≥1000 Hs Slight loss of gloss GBT/1740
Anti-weathering ability Artificial accelerated aging          QUV-B313 240h ≥3 Grade GBT/1865
Testing sample material: 0.8mm de-oil & de-rusting cold- rolled steel sheet, coating layer thickness is 40-80 μm. Performance of powder coating layer will change with brilliance changing