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Thermal Transfer Powder Coating Series

Item No.: BPC J07
Thermal Transfer Powder Coating Series

Thermal transfer powder coatings are transparent synthesized by saturated carboxyl polyester resins and TGIC curing agent with excellent anti-weathering properties, especial for the primer of thermal transfer technology. Different textures can form on the surfaces of powder coatings primer, such as wood, marble and even photos and picture can be transferred  on the surface of powder coating primer.
The striation is clear with good soaking ability, less diffusion, flexibility, anti-bending properties, very appropriate for aluminum profile, metal furniture, doors. The outdoor lifespan can be more than 10 years base on application of every company.
Aluminum profile
Outdoor metal furniture
Aluminum window and door
Home decoration
Burglar-proof door
Residential or commercial buildings, etc.
Properties of coating layer

Thermal Transfer Powder Coatings
Physical properties Gravity 1.0-1.8, up to color and gloss
  Grit Size 100% 30-60μm, special requirement should be informed in advance
Coating Layer properties Properties Standard Result
  Gloss 60°   GB/T 9754-88 1°to 95°+
  Impact test ISO6272 GB/T 1723-1993 50 cm/kg
  Cupping test ISO1520 GB/T 9753-1988 5mm
  Adhesion ISO2409 GB/T 9286-1998 0 Grade
  Bending test ISO1519 GB/T 6742-1986 2mm
  Pencil hardness ASTMD3363 GB/T 6739-1996 1H-2H
  Salt-smog test ISO7253 GB/T 1771-1991 >500 h
  Anti-humidity ISO6270 GB/T 1740-1979 >1000 h
  QUV Color Difference 1000h YS/T 680-2008 Color Change: Grade A    Gloss Loss: Grade A

Storage conditions: In ventilated indoor around 40 ℃, avoiding fire, heat radiator, direct sunlight. Under this condition, powder can be stored for 6 months and should be retested if more than 6 months.

Requirements of environment protection: All product don't have arsenic, selenium, lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury, stibium, cadmium and other heavy non-ferrous metal, it's fully conformity with requirement of RoHS environment protection.
Note: Each test result mentioned in the report only from laboratory, which cannot used as performance commitment of product application. The result will change with environment factors and other conditions changing.

Hygiene and safety: All the raw materials of powder coatings do not contain poisonous matters, there is no poisonous gas occurred during heating. But worker should take mask  and reduce long time contact with powder. Powder attached on skin can be washed away with soap or other harmless cleaning agent.
Storage conditions: In ventilated indoor around 35 ℃, avoiding direct sunlight. Under this condition, powder can be stored for 12 months and should be retested if more than 12 months. ( Except thermal transfer powder coating series, this type can be stored in 6 month).
Forbidden in relevant warehouse, worker need to wear anti-static shoes, keep grounding.